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What to do after b-tech?

3 Answers

  1. I think it’s better to choose your future on your own ,,, getting advices from elder one is often good but do not let choose your future by others.

    Thank You

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  2. If you are qualified in a particular branch of engineering you can qualify additional branches of the engg by studying A.M.I.E.T.E examination in ECE and COMPUTER engg Or ALCCS exams.wish you all the best.srinivasan

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    There are 5 things you can do after completing your graduation in engineering

    1. Job after graduation (B.Tech)

    Most of the engineering graduate student opts for job after completion of their course. Job opportunities are excellent after engineering. Engineering colleges also offer campus placement for their students. It is better to get job in a company through campus placements as it is difficult to get job after you are out of the college. So, try to grab the job during campus placement.

    2. Doing higher studies in Engineering (MTech/MS)

    If you could not get good job after college, then you can always go for higher education and increase your chances of job. But it is generally seen that very few people are interested in higher education as investing in higher education yield long term benefits. Many universities conduct their own admission test but the most common exam for MTech admission is Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE) examination.

    Many students go for a M.S. degree from a foreign university. To do M.S. you must clear TOEFL/IELTS (English proficiency tests) and GRE to get scholarships. Now a day most of the foreign universities are offering post graduate courses at affordable costs and also many banks provide loans for higher studies.

    3. Doing MBA

    Many students want to do an MBA after completion of their engineering course. An MBA degree after engineering is considered rewarding in terms of salary. Engineers with good technical skills get bored in a few years, doing the same stuff, and without a management exposure, they may be stuck in a groove. A degree in MBA gives you more exposure and helps you earning more in very less time. Also, it happens that most engineering students come from Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges and an MBA degree from renowned institute in India/abroad can add much to their resume.

    In India IIMs are considered as the most prestigious business schools. They take admission through Common Admission Test (CAT) which is conducted by IIMs.

    The result of CAT 2016 shows that it is dominated by engineers. In CAT 2016 as many as 20 candidates have scored overall 100 percentile in the Common Admission Test (CAT) and all the 20 candidates were engineers. So doing an MBA from a prestigious engineering college is always good.

    4. Preparing for Civil Services

    Every Indian at a sooner or later stage in his life dreams to be an IAS officer because this is most prestigious job and carries with it a lot of responsibility. It is the backbone of India. Although corporate jobs may offer the best of salaries and perks, a majority of engineering aspirants still crave entry to the prestigious Indian Civil Services held by the UPSC.

    According to the 65thΒ Annual Report of the Union Public Service Commission, in Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) more than half of the candidate qualifying exam comprise of engineers.

    5. Entrepreneurship

    This is the best option for you when you have unique business idea and you have also money to invest in your business. Entrepreneurship is the most new thing everyone is doing and you should also do it too. But do not get carried away by the idea of becoming popular and rich in very less time. It may happen but do consider this as learning opportunity.

    Many who do not have wealthy family background should join some job so that they can earn money to invest and gather experience about how things work in corporate world. Do not start a start up just to impress someone or to be rich in very less time. Every action requires an appropriate time to give result. Give time to your action.


    There is lot of career opportunity available after engineering. All you need is to harness your talent and find a suitable job. Always stay connected with your seniors and friends because they can provide you a breakthrough to pursue your dream job.

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