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How to prepare for vector institute vlsi and embeeded entrance exam?

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  1. The course content and cover topics mentioned in other answers. But here are few things you need to check before joining.

    1) How good are you with C and system concepts?

    If your answer to this is fair enough or just college level understanding then I would recommend you to go ahead and join. Don’t think about the placement and fees because you need strong basics to build upon. I agree with others just joining a institute will not make you Embedded System Engineer. You have to practice whatever is being taught. As far as the teaching is concerned its top notch, even someone who has no prior knowledge of the concepts will come out with a very good understanding of the basics.

    If your basics are well covered in C and systems side (Linux programming in particular) then I would suggest go for internship as you will be able to apply your knowledge to projects and will be able to learn practically. But again getting a internship also requires some work. As suggested in other answer opting for a small embedded system company or a start up is a good option.

    2)  Placement criteria?

    When it comes to placements through Vector, two factors will get you shortlisted for a good company visiting Vector for placement (there are fair amount of good companies that visit Vector for placement, you can check their website for details). One, your academic background and whether it fits in the criteria of the visiting company(most good companies hire previous/same year graduates only). Two, your performance in Vector’s internal test and mocks. If you have this two covered then you will be in a very good position for placement. Then you just have to clear the written for the company(which should not be very difficult if you have done well in vector’s internal exams meaning you have absorbed the concepts well and are able to apply them when required). And then perform well in interviews. That’s it.

    Having attended Vector and having placed through their placement cycle and been working in the industry from last 3 years, I can definitely say that attending Vector helps because you get well prepared for the industry as their course covers all the modules that are required to get you started in the industry and also offers decent placement opportunities to those who fit in the placement criteria.

    So evaluate yourself based on the above two criteria then go for the option that best suits your evaluation.

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