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Please send download link for catia software

4 Answers

  1. Hii

    just search in google “getintopc” and click the official one and search what software you want and download it and there is also video tutorial in that how to install that software in your system. and there also what  given the minimum spec for that software to run in the computer.

    here the link for catia


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  2. If you in a Engineering College than your college may be having a licenced CATIA software for students. So, better would be to first try because I think using pirated / cracked version is not good idea.
    Another , option would be to go for the TRIAL version of the software that is available on the official website of CATIA.
    Or else if you do not find anywhere and could not afford the licenced version of CATIA then…..
    The best place that you can find on the internet to download much of resources either for entertainment or educational you can get most of it by just following some simple steps.
    Any software that you need just type in google index of ‘name of software’
    For example : if you want to download solidworks then just type on google : index of solidworks and hit ENTER.
    The first 2–3 links that you get in the search results will give you the software you need.
    For CATIA : http://s2.bitdownload.ir/Enginee…
    For softwares : http://s2.bitdownload.ir/Enginee…
    You can also download any movie , TV series and many thing by typing those two MAGICAL WORDS index of …..
    hope it will help…
    Edit 1:
    Hey Guys ….
    Catia V5 2018 Student Edition is available free for 1 year on the official Website
    CATIA V5 Student Edition
    Just apply the promocode and have a great experience learning..

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  3. Hi, you may download it from here..


    Installation is easy. Please personal message me if you face any difficulty.
    Please upvote if you like it.

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  4. Go to this link,
    Catia v6 Free Download
    Scroll to this view

    Based on system bit type and click on the download button
    Wait for the server to prepare your download.
    All the best
    Please visit our website : ExtruDesign.com
    hope you find some interesting topics related to you, we publish new articles and videos every two days.
    Youtube channel: ExtruDesign

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