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2 Answers

  1. There are two reasons behind for higher HAZ

    Heat input rate
    Speed of welding

    You doing welding in ATM temp , that mean NORMALIZING process.
    Case 1
    If heat input rate is High with constant speed HAZ is High
    Compare to lower heat input rate

    Case 2

    If heat input rate is constant but speed of welding is less then optimum speed of this heat input rate  HAZ is High

    These conditions only HAZ can developed drastically

    So it’s not depend upon welding process , it’s depends only size of weld bead , and skilled labour

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  2. The heat-affected zone (HAZ) is the area of base material, either a metal or a thermoplastic, which is not melted but has had its microstructure and properties altered by welding or heat intensive cutting operations.
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