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I know that 6°= 1minute but in trigonometry it is said that 1° = 60 minute , explain in detail?

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  1. A degree is traditionally divided into 60 parts called “minutes”, each minute is divided into 60 parts called “seconds”. To distinguish from the time units, which are of course unrelated, you can also call those divisions arc-minutes, and arc-seconds. It is, however, also quite common to just specificy fractions of a degree in decimals, as in, the Earth’s axis is tilted about 23.5 degrees.
    And we can also say this in Mathematical terms that:
    1 degree=60 minutes
    We also know that :
    1 minute=60 seconds
    it means:
    1 degree = (60*60)=3600 seconds
    It means that minutes are the smaller unit for measurements of angle in “D.M.S system” than the degree and seconds are definitely even smaller than minutes.
    D.M.S system = Degree, minutes and seconds system

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