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How to start a blog?

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  1. One of the best career choices I’ve ever made was to learn how to start a blog (this blog).

    My decision to learn how to start a blog and begin making money from it on the side of my day job, is what propelled me into building a six-figure freelance writing business with clients like LinkedIn, Zendesk, Google, Intuit and more. On top of that, starting a blog has helped me generate thousands of dollars in passive income each month and book interviews with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs for my podcast.

    More than anything, my choice to start a blog has allowed me to connect with and teach more than 2,000,000 incredible, talented, and passionate readers (like you) every single year.

    Whether you’re trying to build a freelance business, launch personal brand, earn a living from blogging, or are just passionate and want to write about a certain topic, there’s nothing I would recommend more than challenging yourself to learn how to start a blog today.

    And while it’s now easier than ever to get started with writing and publishing online, the last thing you want to slow you down is all the technicalities of starting a blog.

    How to Start a Blog (on the Side) in 10 Easy Steps

    1. Find Your Niche and Decide What to Blog About

    2. Choose a Blogging Platform (CMS)

    3. Pick Your Blog’s Name and Domain

    4. Find a Hosting Provider

    5. Choose a Theme and Design Your Blog

    6. Create Your Essential Pages (About, Contact, Hire)

    7. Develop Your Content Strategy

    8. Commit to a Regular Publishing Schedule

    9. Use Free Photos and Designs to Stand Out

    10. Publish and Promote Your Posts (to Start Earning)


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