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6 Answers

  1. You can Check this Link for Larsen & Turbo Limited (L&T) announces Build India Scholarship 2019


    Larsen & Turbo Limited (L&T) announces Build India Scholarship 2019 for engineering graduates interested in pursuing M.Tech in Construction Technology in IIT Delhi, Madras and NIIT (Surathkal, Trichy) and developing themselves as Project Managers L&T Build India Scholarship 2019. L&T Build India Scholarship Notification 2019 has been announced The scholarship reinforces L&T Construction’s keenness to enhance industry-academic interface The 24-month course will commence from July 2019.

    L&T Construction, in the business of building landmarks, sponsors you to pursue M.Tech in Construction Technology & Management through L&T’s Build-India Scholarship scheme. The 24-month course that starts in July 2019 will be an ideal opportunity to build your career with us in Project Management & Execution.

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