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Acceptable Use Policy

Last updated: November 06, 2018

Qtooa is a place that empowers people to share and grow the world’s knowledge. We believe if people don’t feel safe they can’t contribute to knowledge or listen to another person’s point of view. The following rules help everyone on Qtooa have a safe experience

Be Respectful, Be Nice

Follow Qtooa’s Be Respectful,Be Nice policy (“BRBN”), which includes the following:

Engage with Others in a Constructive Way
Assume everyone on Qtooa is here to make the platform a great resource with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions. It is OK to disagree, but please be civil, respectful, and considerate to other posters.

No Hate Speech
Qtooa is a place for civil discourse and does not tolerate content that attacks or disparages an individual or group based on race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political group, sexual orientation or another similar characteristic. Any generalizations about these topics should be phrased as neutrally as possible.

No Harassment and Bullying
Abusive behavior directed towards private individuals is not allowed. Repeated and unwanted contact constitutes a form of harassment. Content should not make threats against others or advocate violence, including self-harm.

Respect the Rights of Others

Identity and Deceptive Activity
Your Qtooa profile should use your real name or legally incorporated business name and use accurate and truthful credentials. Do not use Qtooa to impersonate another person, act as another entity without authorization, or create multiple accounts.

Intellectual Property and Personal Rights
Do not post content that infringes any intellectual property or personal right of another party. Writing taken from another source should be properly attributed and block quoted.

Respect the Qtooa Platform

No Spam
Do not use Qtooa to post or attract spam.

No Malicious or Illegal Activity
Do not contribute viruses, malware, and other malicious programs or engage in activity that harms or interferes with the operation of Qtooa or seeks to circumvent security or authentication measures. Do not use Qtooa to engage in unlawful activity or to promote illegal acts.

Reporting Problems

If you see something on Qtooa that you believe violates our guidelines or policies, please report it to us using the via our contact form.

Violating the Acceptable Use Policy may result in the removal of content, or in the limitation or termination of a user’s access to Qtooa.